Sanjivani Industries has the capability to machine high precision components from bar stock. These components have close dimensional tolerances and critical surface finish values. Sanjivani Industrie’s machined components are manufactured from a variety of raw materials including aluminum, zinc, copper alloys, stainless steel, and steel.


  • We can supply closed Die steel Forging, Upset Forging & Ring Rolling Forging in Machined Condition as per Customer’s Requirement.

  • Capacity

    We can supply a single component from 500 gm to 15 Kg.

  • Material offered

    Carbon steel, Alloy steel and Stainless Steel.

  • The advantages of forging include:

    Generally tougher than alternatives

    Will handle impact better than castings

    The nature of forging excludes the occurrence of porosity, shrinkage, cavities and cold pour issues.

    The tight grain structure of forgings making it mechanically strong. There is less need for expensive alloys to attain high strength components.