SI Premium Quality Valve Seats are made of special composition alloy steel to withstand extremely high temperature in combustion chamber of four stroke engines, using natural gas, L.P. gas, lead free fuels, diesel etc. Due to the high alloy contents and excellent heat resistance properties, SI - Valve Seats are able to dispose the heat surrounding the engine valves. This is why SI - Valve Seats cools faster, assures longer engine valve & valve guide life, which finally extends the engine life.

Competition is not a threat to us, our operational structure is well defined by way of assuring deliveries in the accepted time frame, economical pricing and with the Quality that is most appropriate for the required purpose. We at SI believe and work towards Total Customer Satisfaction.

Conclusion: It is found that the use of SI - Valve Seat Inserts extends the life of Engine Valves and ultimately of Engine. The wear rate is almost negligible due to the continuous film, which forms on the seating surface, acting as a protective mechanism for Valve & Seat Inserts.